Women's Shoes

Platform shoes and wedge heels dominated this decade. Some of the platform soles sported stiletto heels, and the stiletto made a brief reappearance on high fashion footwear in 1979-80. Wedge heels were popular from 1975 but disappeared only three years later.

Boots in all styles and all heel heights were popular. Early in the 70’s, the heels became dangerously high and often sported platform soles as well. This trend provoked fears from the medical profession that the spines of the fashionable world would be irrevocably damaged. To complement the fashion of extremely short hot pants, boots reached the thigh. Colour was of supreme importance and so the boots were painted with psychedelic colours, and they could be decorated with appliqués of suede fruit and flowers. Women also wore cowboy boots by 1975.

By 1975, the shoes lost the high platforms, and the wedge heels became lower and lower. By the end of the decade, an elegant high heel returned in a light and strappy form.

Flat and heeled brogues move into the daytime fashion trends, as do loafer and man-styled oxfords, which were acceptable for wear with tailored business clothing.

Athletic shoes became of extreme importance in the late 1970’s. A craze for jogging brought on its own shoes, which were satin covered canvas or leather in bright colours that matched tracksuits.