Manufacture and Materials

A return to classic shapes and colours and the new shoes and boots for leisurewear are the important aspects of eighties footwear. Designers began to blur boundaries between one type of footwear and another with beautifully sculpted heels on boots, and pumps that reached the ankle.

Trends continued to be hard to follow because of the different groups that continued from the seventies. Yuppies, punks and rappers each made fashion trends their own by adding their different personal touches.

Though shoes for dress and business wear retained the classic leather construction, there were a countless number of materials used for different types of footwear. Perhaps the greatest innovation came in the way of athletic footwear. The tennis shoe of the seventies had evolved into hundreds of different styles and brands, each with their own special construction. Air was added in the sole for comfort and shoes were ergonomically designed by podiatrists to give ultimate comfort and shock absorption.