Women's Shoes

The cork-soled, covered platform, and the wedge were high in fashion. However, during wartime the platform and the wedge were stripped of their covering, leaving the cork exposed.

For walking, low chunky heels and wedges with laced and buckled uppers were quite popular.

Chunky trimmings and peep toes decorated the very popular court shoe.

After the war and rationing ended, light revealing shoes appeared very swiftly. These gave very little support to the foot. In 1947-8, the shoes had a rounded shape; the toes being less chiselled. Wedge soles were still popular, but much thinner than during the war. Strapped shoes appeared, and all kinds of sandals and peep-toes reached a height of popularity after the long years of sensible footwear ended. Velvet, kid, coloured leathers, bright satins, and bronze (a burnished leather) were all popular.