Men's Shoes

The toes of men’s footwear were one of the few things that changed throughout this period. In 1885, there was a change to a pointed toe, but only seven years later, broad toes came back into fashion. Finally, by 1906, men were offered a variety of styles. Pointed, rounded or oval toes were all available for sale to the fashionable man.

Heels on men’s shoes remain at the one-inch height, and were of stacked construction. This height still remains for mainstream dress wear today.

For evening dress, the elastic sided shoe has all but disappeared. Laces have become much more fashionable than buttons, setting today’s standard. These laced shoes, acceptable for day and eveningwear were usually of the open tab derby or closed oxford style.

For evening, patent leather pumps were still seen, but only for the most formal of events. Spats were a fashionable item for formal dress.